Rub a dub dub!

It was time to rid ourselves of the builder grade laundry room so we decide to gut the room and make it our own!

We don't have a "before" picture, but imagine a room filled with cheap linoleum, this utility sink and builder grade appliances...the washer loved to start and stop on it's own!
We are lucky enough to have a family member that works at Bosch who was able to get us a great deal on a new front load washer and dryer.  Surprisingly, the appliances helped shape the design of the room!  We liked the satin gray color and the curvature of the doors.  They were also stackable units that gave us more space for cabinetry and a counter top for folding. We previously just had the wash tub and the side by side appliances.

We replaced the linoleum with a 6x6 porcelain tile from Home Depot.  Then we installed a few "off the shelf" cabinets from Lowe's and added some curved pulls from Home Depot.

Next we needed a counter top. Randy has been working with decorative concrete for a couple years so a concrete counter top was an easy choice. In designing the counter top we thought grey would look nice to tie in with the appliances and it would contrast well with a white subway tile...we've always wanted to use subway tile somewhere! We used a sand mix for the counter in two inch thickness to make it stand out. We also thought it might be fun to allow this top to be more natural looking so we polished it out to only a satin finish and left the air bubbles in the edge unfilled. A penetrating sealer was used and we finished it off with a good coat of wax. It makes for a perfect folding surface! For the sink we went round and stainless (picked up on eBay) to match the round doors on the appliances.

The tall Kohler faucet was also an eBay deal....it didn't work out so well for a car dealership that sold it to us but it worked out great for us. Tall faucets with shallow sinks apparently splash a lot. :) It was actually one of our better finds, we picked it up for $60, it was nearly a $300 faucet.

It all tied together nicely and we even found a nice matching mirror. We finished off the room with a few Ikea touches. It is one of the smaller rooms in our house but it is now one of our favorites. :)


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